The Little Paris of Athens - International Festival

Performance of Students & Alumni Athens School of Fine Art
A 'C' E Laboratories of Painting, Athens School of Fine Art

The body is expressed by creating dialogues with visual materials, space and videos.

The artists are concerned about the notions of absurdity and existentialism in the historical and degraded area of Athens. Areas of the city, at a time when insecurity and encroaching dominate. The above subject become the raw material to inspire the artist and to approach the Albert Camus's work.

The performances take place indoors and outdoors of the Finos Film building and at the Vathi Square. The performances build a dynamic relationship with the city and its inhabitants.

Artists: IanthiAngeloglou, Antonis Antoniou, PhilipposVassiliou, GRAAM, Niki Zachari, Zeta Iakovou, Beskida Kraja, Klitoran, AndriosLazarou, Ioanna Mathopoulou, Maria Methymaki, Emilia Bouriti, Giorgos Palamaris, Nota Paterimou, EllenAPili, Maria Smargiannaki, Thodoris Trambas, Christina Tsakoumakou, Eleni Fountoulaki

Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform