MAYA the world of fallacy

A 'C' E Laboratories of Painting, Athens School of Fine Arts

Performance of Students & Alumni Athens School of Fine Arts

In the context of the international festival Back to Athens4 / 2016, graduates and students of the Athens School of Fine Art show their performance. The event is co-organizer by the C’ Laboratory of Painting and the support of the A’ and E’ Laboratories of the Athens School of Fine Art. Curation by Emilia Bouriti.

Maya in Sanskrit means the illusion, the illusion of the natural world, the world of phenomena in which is based on impressions and thoughts of the mind.

The term "Maya", in our days is very timely. It represents the failure of the “ego” and the illusions of a human being or the society.

Six graduates and two students of the ASFA are questioning about the above subject using their bodies, visual materials and space.

Artists: IanthiAngeloglou, Kostas Voulgaris, GRAAM, NikisZaharis, Christina Kousoulidou, Kostas Lales, Maria Methymaki, Nota Paterimou

Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform