Walking westwards along the sacred way

Performance, video and research

The artwork focuses on the importance of Iera Odo(The Sacred Way and is undergoing.

The Iera Odo)is the ancient and also contemporary road that connects Athens with Eleusina.

This personal performance was performed with the route of the mystics as a focal point, as they started from Athens and ended up in Eleusina using The Sacred Way.

That route was 22 kilometers, and went through five cities: Athens, Aigaleo, Chaidari, Aspropyrgos and Eleusina. The purpose of the mystics was the initiation to the Eleusinian Mysteries. The artist performed by stopping at the same locations that the mystics used to stop for offerings and supplications to the gods.

The purpose of the performance was experiencing the route on The Iera Odo and the unfolding of its history through its contemporary reality. In the past Iera Odo was the road towards purification and inner completion and now it’s the “sacred way” of traffic gridlocks that leads to the industrialized west cities of Attica, characterized by urban sprawl and blight.

At the same time though, this very same area creates intense dynamics and fields of research.


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