When the body meets Sculpture and Engraving

Site-specific installation performance

The idea of the performance appeared when I visited Theodoros Papagiannis’ exhibition in Thessaloniki and was reignited during my visit to his exhibition in the Municipal Gallery of City of Athens

I had a strong experience while roaming among the totemic figures and I asked from Theodoros Papagiannis to perform during his exhibition.

These archetypal forms seemed to me as they were breathing and standing as witnesses beyond my own personal story, as witnesses to a universal human history. Ancestors, spirits, mountains, sounds materialized before me.

As a performer I sensed my body expressing the powers and energies that these sculptures were emitting.

During my artistic research on the form and dynamic of cycladic, mycenaean and theban idols, I would search through my body to be moved by light cosmic powers and other times by cthonic ones. I consider the body a gate that expresses primal but also contemporary movements, a living matter that transforms into sculpture forms and engraving dynamics.

This performance is inspired by universal sculpting symbols, creating a ritual where the body is transformed into a living sculpture and engraves itself and space.


When the body meets sculpting and painting in the Municipal Gallery of Athens, press release, culturenow.gr, Athens, 9 April 2014(watch online)

Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform