Meal for 2

An Interactive site-specific performance and installation work

For six days and for five hours each day an interactive site specific performances thirty minute long was performed at the cafeteria of Benaki Museum.

In each performance the artist and a participant together have prepared the table for a symbolic meal discussing and co-creating their own story about what does food means for them!

The performance "Meal for 2" was a kind of a symposium as the two people have philosophized and ate.Their conversation in relation to "food" was not a mental one but experiential. The artist and the participant have shared the information given by the food and have translated it to a vision, a speech and a visual work, which was exhibited at the cafeteria of the museum.

Also the installation work constantly changed image since the artist and the participant in every performance have created new visual material.

Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform