Site-specific installation performance

The artwork Demas deals with the body as a dynamic energy which connects its inner world with the bodily form. That energy, steeped in memories, shapes a vibrating body that constantly changes, screaming its own reality.

*The word “soma” initially meant (from Homer to Hesiod) the dead body, the carcass, while “demas” meant the living body.


Berlin Soup International Festival of the Arts, Emilia Bouriti – artist’s presentation page, στο (watch online)

Emilia Bouriti: Demas, the experience of metamorphosis, interview with Yannis Tzimourta, 06/09/2016, at (watch online)

Placebo: exhibition at Cheapart, press release, 20/05/2016, at (watch online)

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Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform