The Body in Physical and Mental Space

A 'C' E Laboratories of Painting, Athens School of Fine Arts
Performances of Students and Alumni ASFA

Performances were built during a four-day physical and mental process of a performance seminar. The result is nine artists to seal with their body and their materials the space. The body undertakes to map visions, senses and moods, thus creating a bridge between physical and mental space.

The actions will be presented during a three-day period and each day will show a stage of their evolution, thus indicating that the action is in an organic development process. The audience have the opportunity to watch the development of the actions and finally to discuss with the artists.

Artists: Ianthi Angeloglou, Faidon Gialis, Ioli Katsarou, Christina Kousoulidou, Andri Lazarou, Kostas Lalas, Nota Paterimou, Thalia Protopsalti, Elpida Frassskidou

Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform