The Anthropometry of a post-industrial city

Site specific installation performance

The rural warehouse "Meleti Mylona" is transformed into a space which creates a dialogue between individual and collective, physical and psychological perspectives.

Residents from different areas of Aspropyrgos, the centre, Paralia, Goritsa, Agia Marina, and Nea Zoe, speak about their experiences about the city of Aspropyrgos.

Aspropyrgos is the miniature of an international situation with industrial and post-industrial development, multiculturalism, agricultural farming and environmental sensitivity.

The artist through the movement of her body, the video and the installation creates the maps of the city and she brings to the surface the historical route and the dynamic of Aspropyrgos.

It is a local bet of the city that, if achieved, it gives the hopeful message to an entire society that the city is evolved as it remembers and respects its history, the human labor and its cultural diversity.

A key element of the artistic work is the collaboration between visual arts and science. The performance and the installation work interact with the ground and the population plan of the city as were creted by the civil engineer Maria Liakou.


The Anthropometry of a post-industrial city, publication in the Conference Attica in Crisis, Organized by SADAS Attica and the Association of Engineers of Aspropyrgos, 26/05/2018, at (watch online)

The Anthropometry of a post-industrial city by the visual artist Emilia Bouriti, Thriasio, Daily Edition for the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThriasopedio& Attica, 6/10/2017, (watch online)

Emilia Bouriti + Syn+Ergasia art platform