Unutterable Daughter

The goddess whose name no one can refer to (Persephone)

The “”Arriti Kori” is a further research of the choreographer and visual artist on the matter of IeraOdos (The Sacred Way) and the Eleusinian myth. The performance depicts the triple nature of Persephone and the fate of Zagreus (Dionysus).

The performance is a synthesis of body theater in combination with different dancing techniques, musical compositions by idiophone instruments, psalms, electronic music and visual installation. These elements contribute to a bridge creating performance between ancient drama and contemporary art.

This performance aims to understand the archetypal symbolisms of the Eleusinian myth of Demeter and the Daughter, while it explores the triple nature of Persephone as a teenager, as a terrifying wife of Hades and as the tragic mother of Zagreus (Dionysus).

TThe choreographer continues trough this performance to uncover the timelessness of the Eleusinian forms (Demeter and Persephone) by adding the tragic nature of Dionysus Zagreus. The drama of human nature is presented in this way, where the virtuous and the malicious, the positive and negative, the conscious and unconscious, the human and the divine converse, creating the space and the path of a psychological Catharsis.


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